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Friday, 11 May 2012

 I just love this effect!  These were two of my first tissue to glass projects, and still my favourites!  Take any serviette, they are usually 3ply, remove two of the layers as you only need the top one (tricky sometimes).  Decide which part of the pattern to use, then tear into pieces that will fit your project - any size you choose, just try to keep pattern as whole as possible. Tearing gives a kind of feathered edge which does not show when stuck, don't cut as the edges show!  Adhere to underside of glass dish using Jo Sonjas glass and tile medium and a very soft paint brush. Carefully work out any bubbles, from the centre outwards (the wet tissue is very fragile!).  Allow to dry, then paint the back if required.   You can use any paint for this, I used acrylic but emulsion works just as well!  Then sit back and enjoy your creation!

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