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Friday, 3 August 2012

I went to the Olympics!

It has been a lifelong ambition to attend the Olympics! I am not usually a massive sports fan, but to me, the Olympics are something special...all those athletes pushing themselves to the limit of endurance seems to spark something within me.  I only managed to get tickets for one event, the Dressage, but what an event!  The horses and riders were superb, and I wish I could perform as well as that!  Our day started early, the 5.45am coach from Basingstoke to London Victoria.  A trek across London saw us entering the Greenwich Park arena through the Blackheath gate.  When we arrived into the arena, wow, I was completely in awe!  We had a fantastic day, we were rained on, hailed on and got sunburnt!!  Everybody was having a fabulous time, even when we were tipping water from our shoes!  It was all over too soon, and we made the decision to bypass the train network and use the Thames for our trip back to Victoria.  We had a fabulous trip back by boat, with a very entertaining commentary from one of the crew, getting off at Westminster and all for just £4 - great value for money.  I was a little apprehensive about the transport network for the games as the Jubilee was a shambles, but everything was well signposted and very well operated.  Well done London!

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